Kibo Ruw Metaal + Led Lamp G50 Mat Wit – Dim to Warm

Raw Metal retains its colour and is corrosion-free, so it doesn’t need a protective layer. This alloy has a dark grey, concrete-like, industrial look. This rough look is achieved during the finishing phase, when the item is taken out of its sand mould: the casting is removed, but the object is not polished. After some time, the metal will develop a slightly shiny look since it will be polished naturally by using it.

Led Bulb G50 Matt White 4W E27 Dim to Warm

Led Bulb G50 Matt White 4W E27 Dim to Warm
  • Technical details

Technical details

  • diameter : 19 cm
  • hoogte: 8,3 cm
  • lengte kabel: 6m
  • gewicht: 1,6 kg
  • fitting: E27
  • dimbaar: ja – Dim to Warm
  • Led lamp: G50 Mat Wit 4W
  • Lumen : 220
  • Kleurtemperatuur Led Lamp : 2000K-2800K
  • inclusief plafondbevestiging in Ruw Metaal