Handmade products from natural materials

Natural materials are what make Kazar lighting fixtures modern and unique. Kazar returns to the essence and purity of raw, living material. This deep love for the unpolished is what inspires the design. A collection of elementary shapes that stand out because of their serenity and simplicity, entirely handmade.

““Our design captures
the essence of the material”

Aged Iron

Aged Iron is inspired by cast iron, a material commonly used a long time ago. The general idea was to create a collection made from maintenance-free materials, so we developed a high-quality corrosion-resistant alloy with the look and feel of Aged Iron. The black layer of lacquer is applied by means of electrolysis. Although there’s no such thing as a completely scratch-free coating, this technique does guarantee perfect adhesion. The natural weathering of the Aged Iron creates an authentic, weathered look and adds character!

Raw Bronze

Raw Bronze is the purest form of bronze, and an alloy of copper and tin. Raw Bronze retains its colour and it is corrosion-free, so it doesn’t require a protective layer. This rough form of bronze exudes warm, copper-like colours. A special technique was developed to create the rough look of the bronze in the Kazar collection. The casting remains are removed, but the item is not polished. The oxidation process darkens the colour with time.

Raw Metal

Raw Metal retains its colour and is corrosion-free, so it doesn’t need a protective layer. This alloy has a dark grey, concrete-like, industrial look. This rough look is achieved during the finishing phase, when the item is taken out of its sand mould: the casting is removed, but the object is not polished. After some time, the metal will develop a slightly shiny look since it will be polished naturally by using it.

Satin White Bronze

Satin White Bronze is a bronze alloy. Part of the copper is replaced by tin and zinc. The result is an elegant, silvery colour. But instead of polishing the rough material, it is tumbled and finished by hand. This special production process guarantees a beautiful matt patina.

The age-old art of metal casting

Kazar uses the 5000-year-old artisanal technique of metal casting to produce its fixtures. The Tartessians started this tradition of casting metals in sand moulds. This traditional production process gives metal surfaces a rugged, unfinished look. It creates an array of beautiful, small imperfections and an authentic character. You really feel the age-old craftmanship and tradition in each unique handmade piece. A tradition that is continued by Kazar today …