The beauty of imperfection

We care about the Japanese principles of wabi-sabi: nothing is eternal, nothing is perfect. Wabi-sabi is not about traditional beauty, but about the beauty of the imperfect. Life is evolution and time gives objects and materials extra character. The wabi-sabi way of looking at things makes life lighter and creates peace and harmony.

“Our wabi-sabi philosophy creates peace through the imperfect.

Experience the cycle of life

Natural materials evolve and age. Objects becomes coarser or smoother, depending on the effect of the elements. This interplay of time and nature tells a tale of beauty in evolution and transience. Things become better with time. Because small evolutionary imperfections create extra caliber and beauty.

Timeless handmade finish

All of our products are finished by hand. This gives our collections an authentic and timeless character which differentiates them from mass-produced products. Each article is made with love for the craft and manufactured traditionally. Our products get a more natural and beautiful patina over time. The older they become, the more valuable they look.


Ecology and sustainability are key to our vision,
from our choice of materials to our packaging.