Kibo Raw Metal + Led Bulb ST64 Tinted

Raw Metal retains its colour and is corrosion-free, so it doesn’t need a protective layer. This alloy has a dark grey, concrete-like, industrial look. This rough look is achieved during the finishing phase, when the item is taken out of its sand mould: the casting is removed, but the object is not polished. After some time, the metal will develop a slightly shiny look since it will be polished naturally by using it.

Led Bulb ST64 Tinted 3W E27

Led Bulb ST64 Tinted 3W E27
  • Technical details

Technical details

  • diameter : 19cm
  • height: 8,3cm
  • lenght cable: 6m
  • weight : 1,6kg
  • base: E27
  • dimmable: yes
  • Led Bulb: ST64 Tinted 3W
  • Lumens : 210
  • CCT : 2200K
  • inclusive canopy in Raw Metal