Kibo Verouderd ijzer + Led Lamp G50 Mat Wit – Dim to Warm

Aged Iron is inspired by cast iron, a material commonly used a long time ago. The general idea was to create a collection made from maintenance-free materials, so we developed a high-quality corrosion-resistant alloy with the look and feel of Aged Iron. The black layer of lacquer is applied by means of electrolysis. Although there’s no such thing as a completely scratch-free coating, this technique does guarantee perfect adhesion. The natural weathering of the Aged Iron creates an authentic, weathered look and adds character!

Led Bulb G50 Matt White 4W E27 Dim to Warm

Led Bulb G50 Matt White 4W E27 Dim to Warm
  • Technical details

Technical details

  • diameter : 19 cm
  • hoogte: 8,3 cm
  • lengte kabel: 6m
  • gewicht: 1,6 kg
  • fitting: E27
  • dimbaar: ja – Dim to Warm
  • Led lamp: G50 Mat Wit 4W
  • Lumen : 220
  • Kleurtemperatuur Led Lamp : 2000K-2800K
  • inclusief plafondbevestiging in Verouderd ijzer